You already know the story.

Free-market communism ensnares Earth in its boundless clutch as distributed ledgers, machine learning, neural engineering, gene editing, and infinitely renewable energy launch an age beyond scarcity. Network protocols obliterate the ghost protocols of nation-states. Cities unbound from geography. Fractal pluralities fragment world orders as internet-scale cooperatives amputate invisible hands. Govern-mental institutions are remodelled as serotonin reuptake fulfilment centres. It’s giving euphoria-heterotopia intoxication-amnesia.

The west is ending. The east is rising. We meet at the crossroads. Welcome to ultra-history—for real this time—a new Hysterical Sublime: the age after money but before God.

This is the real endgame. But be honest with yourself: What do you really want? To stop time? To rewind it and play your part again, and perhaps get it right this time? To start over in the old world – a world that no longer exists?

Or take your chances and build it anew? Do you feel ready? Do you? Enter here. This is not an exit. This is Level 2.