Earth is a distributed housing collective: own one home, live flexibly between many places. Fully furnished Earth homes available to buy with BTC / ETH / fiat in:

Coming next to London, San Francisco, Austin, Lisbon, Singapore, New York’s Lower East Side, and a number of rural locations. Homes starting from $400,000 / 18.8 BTC / 327 ETH.

Each Earth home is a node in an expanding network and comes equipped with everything you need. Swap locations as often as you like and make your Earth home available to other members of the collective while you’re away. We take care of all the practicalities and keep additional homes available in each location to give you total flexibility.

When you buy an Earth home, you’ll own the title in the conventional way, so you can qualify for a regular mortgage and you can sell your home whenever you like, however you like. Full ownership; total flexibility.

Try before you buy: spend a night or two in an Earth home to see how it feels. Each home comes fully equipped with furniture and homewares carefully selected from the studios of designers in our community.

Earth is developed in collaboration with by a distributed community of architects, technologists, and artists committed to the potential of web3 technologies to enable more cooperative and equitable economies. We welcome new members, from all walks of life, who share these interests, and we encourage every participant in our community to actively inform what we build.

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Our initial release of homes is now oversubscribed. Join our waitlist here for the next release:

$100 USD / 0.005 BTC / 0.08 ETH

Reservation deposit fully refundable any time, for any reason. ?